Sunday, 6 April 2008

The Last Night in London...

Dear Bloggers and Blog Readers... :P

I had a nice weekend mostly on my own in London. Decided not to go sightseeing, but I dont regret it. I've seen quite a bit of London, and want to see more when I eventually return to visit again.

Friday night, I felt like going to yummy Wagamama's, but when Angie decided to ring and meet up, I knew I wouldnt be going to my one of my favourite restaurant. Instead, we decided to go around Angel. We checked out this buffet restaurant there, and chilled out there, chatting. Was dying for the night though, we kinda figured out I've some sort of intolerance to either spicy or fatty foods. Get this huge pain in my stomach, thinking I'm about to pass out, can't breath. Gonna check it out at home.

Ended up walking around Angel again Saturday, and got myself drunk that night in my room. Sad but true.

So, I've told the parents and the other sister I'll be home tomorrow. They're happy about it. No-one else knows. Thomas was over in London this weekend (he's an old friend from school, and my second cousin). He kept meaning to meet up with me, but he was a very busy guy. It's ok, he he, he doesn't know I'm going home ;)

My two luggage bags are so heavy. Think I'll leave a few things at Ol's, am bound to be over during the summer. It will be a while before I'm back again to be honest. Going to try and figure myself out. Life's been such a mix up the last few months, so gonna try to find out what makes me happy. I'm my own person, and kinda lost that.

Am over at Ol's at the moment, he's not arrived back from Cork yet. His flight is coming to London now. Cooked a lovely dinner, and chilling with the TV with a Twirl bar. Yum! This time tomorrow (it's 22:15) I will be in Galway... :)

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