Wednesday, 30 April 2008

A bit too quiet is strange...

Hey there.

So, the boyfriend was telling me he was missing my blogs, and thought I'd write a few bits. First off, let me show you this video I saw a few days ago, just caught me when I felt a bit low. x


First off, hi.
The past week.

Well, twas brill spending time with Shane last week, even though it felt short. Feels like I saw him two weeks ago, instead of a week ago.
Also, I paid off my course, woo hoo. So, no worries there.

My PCOS was driving me up the wall last week, cos felt my face was like a hairy person, so I got it waxed on Tuesday morning (couldn't get any other appointment).

PCOS (Poly Cystic Ovaries Syndrome)... Basically, its not very uncommon for women, and there's not a lot of information out there for it either.
The main factor is that women with this condition produce more male hormones than women's, so physical features in some women would be noticed like excess hairs on their facial area, or being overweight.
For example, with me, I'd get excess hair on my chin & neck. Usually I'd control this with waxing the area. At the start, about 2 years ago now, it was very bad when I started waxing. Used to wax every 3 days. Now, its every 2.5/3 weeks. When I first had this at age 13, I didn't know I had PCOS, and I used to use an electric shaver on my face. So, it's been thru a lot of torture.
You also crave sugary or sweet things, in particular chocolate, which you're supposed to cut down on.

Have not been on medication for it for a few months, because it didnt agree with me, and there's not a lot of other medication out there for the condition. Been eating so much chocolate as well, so its very hard to control.
So, in the next few years, would really consider laser treatment. This is the only other option for me, because my face has already gone thru so much damage the last 12 years, and this is why I get paranoid when people are looking at me, I think, what are they thinking of me now, do they see anything bad. It's kind of sad really.

So, until yesterday, I really wasn't feeling confident about myself, going walking outside and all that.

Let Shane stay the night at the house on Saturday night cos he was going to his cousin's houseparty. He told me there was a live band playing there, our old friends from school, Liam, Prionnsias, and a few others. They always used to be on the guitars when we were at secondary school, very cool guys. Lost touch though. They told Shane they're only really trying to start the band now, so really hope they do well.

I've put in some more CVs for jobs, and I've to receive a letter from my tutor saying I'm studying this part time course so that I can receive some Jobseekers Allowance. I'm very broke at the moment, and it's tough to say the least. Feel very down a lot of days, but sure that's life.

So, the Special Needs Ed course has been moved to Wednesday nights, which is where I'll be heading tonight, can't wait. They split the class in two, so should be 15 people with me. Looked at the notes the last two days really, and last Tuesday week, so kind of know the stuff. Not really worried about it.

Yesterday was really good though, it was lovely for most of the day. I met with my beautican Michelle, and got the face waxed and had to get the expensive face products cos my face was completely ruined without proper moisturiser and cleansers the past year. Got a discount on the waxing, but overall spent €90 on products and €31 on chin, lip and eyebrow wax. Keep thinking, I had to get it done. Ahhh, giggle!
After, I got ready to throw in a few CVs and met with Sandra for a gossip session, lol. Got chatting to Rosie as well, they're all good. They were trying to get me to take her pet hamster Gnasher from them soon, actually considering it. Really would love to give a pet some love, would love my own place with a dog.... A dream for now. :)
Then, had an hour with Shane before he went home, and got back to my place then, and cooked dinner.

It was Mairtin Antoine's birthday, and hoped there would have been a mass for him this week. Shane wasn't sure, so he did something personal last night to remember Mairtin by. I just said a little prayer. God, think it's been two years or so now, I think. So many teenagers dying of car crashes and suicides and murders. Life isnt fair at times.


Wednesday, 23 April 2008

Started my new course... And a quiet few days...

Thought I'd write a few bits before bed.
Should have been packed and asleep by now. Am visiting Shane's mum's house in Carraroe tomorrow for the night. Loadsa chat and fun with Shane and Ciarain :)

Had a few low days, but it was because I didnt have anyone around me. It can get depressing here on your own. But, been active since Sunday.
Met with Shane, and then Hazel gave us a lift to her place. Got to see Oisin for the first time in ages. He can walk, he can talk, and he can really go mad! Giggle.
Lovely child, I adore Ois! We went playing motorbikes and cars while Mummy was chatting away to me, Shane and Mairtin Terry.

Ah was lovely chatting to Mairtin as well. Poor guy, always working. He gave me a loan of his cards for a few days. Each card has an image on one side and a story on the other side. Its meant to make you focus on something other than your daily routine, so you have a calmer air about you. I've read two cards so far, am very into analysing things and making my own meaning out of things, so its really good.
He's good to lend me them for a few days, something else I like :)

Monday was Shop day, and got about €50 worth of essentials and food to keep me going for two weeks. Ah yeah, doesnt matter. A lot of money for someone not working, but hey.

Tuesday was course day. Yes, my Special Needs Education Cert course. It started at 7pm. I walked to town, and got a cab at 5:50pm, was there at 6:15pm (traffic was baddd). Paid €7, not bad.
There's about 30 people in the course, with 2 guys in it. Mainly chatted to the girls there. Got to know Mary, lovely person. Also (trying to remember some names...).. Roberta, Maire, Louise, Audrey, Theresa, Patrice, Maire, and I remember one of the two guys names, James. Didnt chat to the guys though.
Me, being totally quiet, tried to chat, so got on with Mary. We had to talk about the person sitting beside us (Mary), then we had to watch a video and chat to the other person about their thoughts of the video.
We had a break at 8:30, and got chatting to Patrice. We finished up by talking about different families, so that was interesting.

We finished early at 9:30pm and I chatted to Audrey and Theresa for a bit while I was waiting for Breda to pick me up.

I mentioned the word "study" to Breda, and she couldnt believe I used the word. Giggle. I was gonna study tonight, but ended up checking emails and all that. The usual.

Am planning on making a video soon again, so check Youtube from time to time.

Gotta wake up early, so I better get some sleep. But, have a look at this video I saw in class, you'll enjoy it.

"Do schools today kill creativity?" Ken Robinson, TEDTalks...

Night x

Friday, 18 April 2008

A few good songs I like, and a Cold bed...

Erm, think I'll tackle the Vlogs in the next few days, not feeling that confident about it yet. Finding it so easy to write my thoughts down on the laptop these days. Only last year, I would have rather wrote, with a pen, in my big rainbow journal... *sigh*. It's not seeing much work these days...

So, I'll be putting a few videos up (maybe just 2 for now, don't want to flood the place).
First off it Sam Sparro's video ""Black & Gold". It is such a catchy tune, I just love this sooooooo much!
"I wanna be next to you, Black & Gold, Black & Gold, Black & Gold...."

And another song I love is this band The Ting Tings and their song "That's not my Name". I had loved this song a while ago, but just didn't know the name of the band, was stuck in my head for a while. Their video is just so fun and bright and colourful :) See what you think...

So, I kept waking up thru the night, and it was freezing. Had turned off the heater, cos its not good for your health to be on all the time! And the duvet was quite small, Mum had taken the other duvet to wash it at home a week ago. This was on me, and I was still cold and kept covering it on, and no warmth. Was too stubborn to put on the heater (erm, ok, more like half asleep and lazy)....

Am up now and threw an old winter coat on the bed as well. But, it's still cold! Tis not good at all! :)

I'll write more later :)

Thursday, 17 April 2008

Attempts at my first video...

Well, am very proud of myself. I made my first video! Although there's no talking, just wanted to take the time to show my bit of "artwork" out.
Stomach's not been the best last two days, and not had much sleep. Mum thinks its the Galway water (I only had a tiny bit), am very sensitive to it because I had gotten ill with it last year. It had been contaminated with Cryptosperidium, so was very ill for a few weeks. Anywho, I SHOULD NOT drink the water! :D So ha to me.


Here's the loverly wuverly video of me, staring at the screen...
Enjoy x

P.s. The computer won't let me upload my own video! Ahh!
So, here it is... From Youtube :)

Wednesday, 16 April 2008

Trouble Sleeping...

I did it again...

This is the worst I've ever been. I just CAN'T sleep! At the back of my mind, I was overthinking things, and ended up listening to Muse and watching Youtube videos, and it's now 5:20am (YEUK!).

Always wanted to do VBlogs (Video Blogs to all you non-Bloggers), but first of all, I lost my first digital camera after 2 months of fun, and now I've no money to buy another one. But, I love to write, so I'll stick with this for now.

I miss my boyfriend.
Ollie, I miss you.

Ok, that's said. (giggle)...


There's a Daddy Longlegs crawling around my room for the past two hours. Here's a picture of it (from the Internet, not my imaginary camera...)...

Yup... And it's ticklish too! :)

Erm, I'm gonna die tomorrow... Oh sorry, in 3 hours time, when I REALLY have to get up (another YEUK!). Got some things to do in town in the morning, so I'm kind of worried about that. Well, at least I know I'll be able to sleep well tomorrow night (for sure).

Oooooh, I never thought of my friggin WEBCAM! It's a bad one, but it did the job for me months ago. Think I'm gonna set it up and take a pic of me and my baby Pig Eweie together... Say cheeeeeeseeeee...

Monday, 14 April 2008

Sunday with my coolest best friend :)

I'd a nice weekend mostly by myself in Galway. Everyone seemed to be busy, so it was ok. Decided to chill out to music really. Had troubles falling asleep a lot, Saturday night (more like Sunday morning), I couldnt fall asleep until 4:30am!

So, Shane didn't know that he would be woken early and dragged out by his mum to go to Galway. He told me that night he would arrive a lot later in the afternoon, so poor Shane was sitting outside while trying to ring me to wake me up :D Awww! Felt so bad for him... Giggle! He didnt mind at all :P

He helped me reorganise my bedroom! Theres a lot more space now, we moved the wardrobe and bed to different areas, he did most of the work tho. The poor guy, I kept saying 'Later', but he was persistant! He's the best! Wouldnt have been done otherwise, love it :D

We did a shop in Dunnes, got all the essentials for a lovely Chicken Pasta Bake. Gorgeous!!! :) I would do it again for sure.

Shane's Chicken Pasta Bake

Serves 2 to 4 people at €11.19 (all ingredients price proportioned)

Ingredients: *Fillet(s) of Chicken *Olive Oil *Salt *half an Onion (Red if possible) *1 Courguette *Pasta Quills *pot of Fresh Cream *Tomato Puree (paste or tin) *1 Red & 1 Yellow Pepper *Grated Mixed Cheese *Butter

*fillet(s) of chicken, into a pot of salt, pour in hot water to just cover the chicken, boil for 20 or until white;
*pot of a bit of olive oil, put in a half a thickly-cut onion & 1 thickly-cut courguette, to cook for a bit;
*another pot of pasta quills, hot water & salt &(or) olive oil, let them cook til soft;
*once chicken's done, keep water (now a chicken stock), take out the chicken & cut it to pieces, throw into pot of onions & courguettes, and cover wit at least half of chicken stock, let stock absorb into everything;
*after its absorbed a lot of the stock, throw in a pot of fresh cream & about 70g or so of tomato puree, stir til a bit thicker;
*thickly slice a Red and Yellow Pepper, and grate some mixed cheese;
*pour water out of pasta, throw in a bit of butter, stir & leave to absorb;
*once EVERYTHING's done, get a Parex or Lasagne dish, put everything into the dish, with mixed cheeses and peppers on top, and let it cook in the oven til cheese is slightly browned (depends, 20 to 30 mins);
*serve on its own, with a salad, or garlic bread :) Yum!

We had it with Garlic bread, I like doing fresh garlic bread, with bits of crushed Garlic meshed through butter, but had some Garlic rolls in the freezer, so didnt go into the bother :)

We were talking about all sorts of stuff that had been happening, and we went into a conversation about dreams as well, I dont know, but I like talking about dreams and wondering what they mean. He was telling me about Lucid Dreaming (when you get to direct your own dream). It means, when you realise in your dream that you're dreaming, you have the chance to direct it yourself. I told him I'd had some dreams like that. There was one where I kept going to the same part, because my brain wanted to take control, but I wanted to do different things. Am very stubborn, giggle.

We chatted to Breda there for an hour, was so cool. Her and Shane get on great, its just so tough staying friends with certain people that were in our group, just great Shane's a solid in my life, and Breda's too.

I got myself a bottle of Rose, and he had a big bottle of Bulmers Cider. We werent planning on gettin pissed, jus to have a good time. We love Cuba nightclub so much, so we decided to go there, hoped upstairs (the Rock floor) would be open, but no luck. We walked to the club, fresh air was good. Felt good in my top, skirt and boots, we forgot to bring his camera though :( Had a brilliant time though.

I had 2 Dbl Jagar Bombs & Red Bull & a shot of Mickey Finns, while he had 1 Dbl Jagar Bomb & R.B. & Mickey Finns. We were very happy jumping around the dancefloor altho all the tiney boppers were out (yeuk)! DJ Ferg wasnt that bad after all that, he played some really good rock songs as well as the poppy stuff, so happy out.

Decided to go Londis later on to stalk our cutie Lino there (he had a Big smile for Shaney this time, he he) :D We both got a roll & I just WANTED a Jambon, giggle. You'd think I was drunk :D

While we were walking home, Thomas rang us, so we met up with him & chatted til 5am. I let Thomas sleep on the couch, while Shane had his sleeping bag, gave them my pillows and got T a duvet. Was so glad T came to visit, hadnt seen him in so long :) I was fairly tipsy tho, giggle, cant remember what we were chatting about, just ate away at my roll...

Just spend today recovering & chilling out. Thomas had long gone, so both of us took out our laptops and checked videos and stuff out. Shane had said I was mumbling in my sleep, but he couldnt understand. Been worrying a lot about things, usually comes out in my dreams when I've had some drink. I had a brilliant time with my best friend tho. Shanie is the bestest!!!

Now, gotta try to do something with this room, theres too much stuff! Ekkk! ...

Courses Part 2

Just thought Id jot this down :)

So, I havent applied for the part time course yet, so am going to do that in the morning. Was feeling very un-proactive today.

Also, I've applied for a full-time PLC course in Health Care Assistant in Galway Technical Institute (GTI), which would be starting in September '08. Would need an interview, but should be no problem getting in if I do well in the Special Needs course. Both courses should look good on a CV if I were to go straight on to the workforce, or apply for a National Cert/Dip in any of these areas. Both websites are as follows:

Portobello School -
Galway Technical Institute -

Saturday, 12 April 2008

Courses in Galway

So, woke up at not such a good time today, 12pm. I am going to chill out for the weekend, and not worry about getting any sort of work until Monday. No point, would probably get sick with worry otherwise, and thats not good for Monday morning either.

Have just put a load of washing in. I've moved back in the city after the lovely stay with the parents. Was organising my old room here yesterday, have yet to hoover and further sort it out. Too many book, CDs, DVDs, ornements I want everyone to see, but you probably wouldnt see everything by the time I'm finished with it. It's quite a small room, used to the fact it has a single bed. Need an extension lead just to have the TV on (which I don't have right now), cos the TV at one end of the room, and the two plug sockets are at the other end. Lovely :)

So, I was researching a course I saw on the paper yesterday by chance. It's a part time Special Needs Certificate course with Portobello College Dublin. They're doing Regional part time courses, and there's one starting in Galway on the 22nd of April, next Tuesday week. The reason I was panicking yesterday was that it said in the paper it would be starting this Tuesday.

Since then, the receptionist has reached me and said the dates have changed, and I'm more than welcome to apply. It is quite a lot of money though(€967 for 14 weeks, one day a week), so Ive to make sure I can apply for a college course after this. It says I can go straight into the workforce with this course or even add a Diploma course with Portobello if I wanted, same amount of cash though. It's an opportunity anyways. Something I wanted to do for a long while.

Friday, 11 April 2008

'Léimigí Thart' - Des Bishop ('Jump Around' - House of Pain)

You'll love this!!!

Dún do chlab, dún do bhéal
Éist le mo scéal, má cheapann tú go dtuigeann tú, tá tú ag cur i gcéill,
Tá mé ag dul go nua Eabhrac, ceangal mé le slabhra,
Goile a mhac, ná bí (ag caint anseo???) i lár an tsamhraidh
(súistí búistín buaille beag a phústín???)
ná bí i do phleidhce, nó gheobhaidh tusa léice
Níl mé ag iarraidh a' éisteacht le do chac-bó
damhsa damhsa gan aon stró
buachaillí gránna, cailíní boga dána
Ní thugann mise aird ar na gardaí síochána
Ag an gCeathrú rua, Amach anseo faoin dtuath
léim anois léim anois léim anois go luath
má tá sé mícheart, má tá sé mícheart, is cuma liom, is cuma liom,
léimigí thart!

Léim thart! Léim thart! Léim thart!
Fág seo, éirigh as do pholl, is léim thart!

Léim, léim, léim , chuile duine léim, léim, léim,
gach duine léim, léim, léim, chuile dhuine léim, léim, léim

Freastalóidh mé thú ar nós John McEnroe
má shiúlann do bhean suas, buailfidh mé an hó!
Cá bhfuil do chlann, cá bhfuil do chairde, cá bhfuil an ceol, (suas in airde???)
Agus díreach (ar do thuiscint, tá mé ag rith???)
Má fheiceann tú mise, (b’fhearr duit???) bagairt a rá
Mar tá mé ar nós Tom Cruise sa scannán sin top gun
Ní stopadh tú mise leis an Shotgun!
Má dhéanann tú 's cuí go luath
Agus beidh tú i do staic
Ní éiríonn tú arís go deo, sin an craic
Anois mo stór, éist le mo ghlór,
amach ar an urlár ar nós Peigín leitir mór
má tá sé mícheart, má tá sé mícheart srl

Is mise an fear is fearr, so tá mé thar barr,
Ní fheicfidh tú mise i mo sheasadh (as an lár???)
Ná ag an deireadh ach an oiread an taobh eile don droichid
má thagann siad chomh fada liom, cuireadh mise iad,
amach ar an bportach, agus iad ag baint mhóna,
Déardaoin, De hAoine, De Satharn De Domhnaigh,
Suas suas ‘s síos agus ar ais arís,
Dún do straois, tá sé salach agus clúdaithe le smaois
(Do héadan bheidh caillte , an teallach sin duitse???),
Fainic thú féin nó ní thógfaidh mé uaitse
Má tá sé mícheart, má tá sé mícheart srl

Tá mo homies as Conamara
M'abhailies, m'abhailies as Conamara

Muintir na Gaeltachta, agus muintir na hÉireann freisin,
Tá an réabhlóid ag teacht go luath

Sin é, sin é, sin é , sin é [TRÉIG]

Wednesday, 9 April 2008

Tibet Protest at Trafalgar Square April 06, 2008

A friend sent me this video of the Free Tibet protest (he didnt video it, just thought it was funny). So sad, this event is supposed to unite people around the world. I feel bad for Tibet, but this isn't the way to change things.

Cailín na Gaillimhe (Galway Girl)

Bhuel de thug mé cos ar an siúlóid mhór
Thart ar lár an lae
Is de bhuail mé le cailín breá dathúil
Agus thosaíomar ag plé.

Agus n’fheadar é,
Cad a tháinig orm.
Lena gruaig chomh dubh
Is a súile gorm.

Agus thóg mé a lámh.
Thug mé rince di,
Agus phóg mé cailín na Gaillimhe.

Bhíomar leath-shlí tríd nuair a d’oscail an spéir
Níos déanaí ins an lae.
Agus rith muid síos chuig an árasán
Chomh bog an lae i-ay.

Agus n’fheadar é,
Cad a tháinig orm.
Lena gruaig chomh dubh
Is a súile gorm.

Ach thóg mé a lámh.
Thug mé rince di,
Agus phóg mé cailín na Gaillimhe.

Bhuel de dhúisigh mé agus mé liom féin
D’fhág sí mé i-ay
Le mo chroí bhríste bhí pian laistigh

Agus n’fheadar é,
Cad a tháinig orm.
Nuair a chas mé leis an gcailín sin

Tá feicthe agam gach uile rith
Ach ní a leithéid le cailín na Gaillimhe...

Tuesday, 8 April 2008

Visiting the Gorumna Islands

It's completely different from the busy streets of London. Wish I'd have a camera to take some photos and show you how lovely this place is.
My mum was telling me they were having such terrible weather since winter, and its only been nice the last two days. I wonder why... (smiling...)

Must be my little bit of magic...

The shoulder and back are in such pain since pulling those bags this weekend, think it's going to be a while before the pain goes away. Gonna take a relaxing bath to relive the pain tonight.

It's so nice to be home. The room was kept aired, so Id no problems sleeping there like I had before. Throat and nose used to be clogged up whenever I slept a night there. Got to sleep in til 1pm, feeling sorry for the boyfriend though. Sounds like work's really tough for him at the moment. Can't wait to hear from him when he gets to relax.

Mum made a gorgeous dinner, chicken tikka masala marinade, veg & mash potatoes. Yum! Missed proper food. All this takeaway and packet stuff where I lived before. Enjoying a lovely cup of Lyons Tea now while Ros na Run is on. Wish they didnt have subtitles on, annoys me.

I'll write some more soon. Hugs :)

EDIT: Here's an aerial view of Leitir Meallain...

Monday, 7 April 2008

Galway is SOOOOO cold!


Now I remember a reason I moved away...

Am after having 3 cups of Lyons tea and a slice of toast since landing at the pad in Galway city. The shoulder feels like it's been pulled from its socket to be honest, need a good massage. Don't know anyone that does shoulder massages though... :(

Am kinda tired, but ok. Closed the eyes for half an hour, but the urge to txt my friends here was so great, I went online to Meteor and txt everyone I could think of. Not many replied obviously, busy-ness of the Irish life and all that... That's ok.

My boyfriend was a good alarm this morning. Didn't sleep much though, wanted to be ready to go. He'd landed back from Cork for the weekend, all smiles and unshaven tired eyes. He got to see his first nephew Cormac, 1 month now. He took some photos of baby Cormac, very tiny and cute :) We chatted for a bit, but he was falling asleep :) We cuddled for most of the night...

Got the first train at 5:10am to Heathrow Airport Terminal 1 (there's 5, very confusing). Not sure what time we landed, must have been 6:45am or so. Ol helped me with the 2 really really heavy luggage bags as far as he could. We said our goodbyes, it was very tough. Kept my smiles up til then. He'd bought me a teddy Sheep from Cork as a surprise, I want to call him Eweie (giggle), but he likes the name Pig. We're still undecided... x

So, 2 airplanes, 1 bus, and a lift from my sister Breda, and I'm back in cold cold Contae na Gaillimhe. Had a tea and a little flapjack in London, and a tea and a packet of crisps at Shannon. Had a changeover at Dublin, but didn't pick up anything. They've added a lot of shop in Dublin Airport since I was there a few yrs ago. Very cool! Just zoomed through.

The parents want to see me tonight, so think I might travel back to Connemara for a day or two. I've this awful dread in my stomach, can't shake it off. Feel very lost. Hope it gets better this week.

Sunday, 6 April 2008

The Last Night in London...

Dear Bloggers and Blog Readers... :P

I had a nice weekend mostly on my own in London. Decided not to go sightseeing, but I dont regret it. I've seen quite a bit of London, and want to see more when I eventually return to visit again.

Friday night, I felt like going to yummy Wagamama's, but when Angie decided to ring and meet up, I knew I wouldnt be going to my one of my favourite restaurant. Instead, we decided to go around Angel. We checked out this buffet restaurant there, and chilled out there, chatting. Was dying for the night though, we kinda figured out I've some sort of intolerance to either spicy or fatty foods. Get this huge pain in my stomach, thinking I'm about to pass out, can't breath. Gonna check it out at home.

Ended up walking around Angel again Saturday, and got myself drunk that night in my room. Sad but true.

So, I've told the parents and the other sister I'll be home tomorrow. They're happy about it. No-one else knows. Thomas was over in London this weekend (he's an old friend from school, and my second cousin). He kept meaning to meet up with me, but he was a very busy guy. It's ok, he he, he doesn't know I'm going home ;)

My two luggage bags are so heavy. Think I'll leave a few things at Ol's, am bound to be over during the summer. It will be a while before I'm back again to be honest. Going to try and figure myself out. Life's been such a mix up the last few months, so gonna try to find out what makes me happy. I'm my own person, and kinda lost that.

Am over at Ol's at the moment, he's not arrived back from Cork yet. His flight is coming to London now. Cooked a lovely dinner, and chilling with the TV with a Twirl bar. Yum! This time tomorrow (it's 22:15) I will be in Galway... :)

Friday, 4 April 2008

A Night at Avenue Q...

Hey all.

I had a lovely few nights now with my boyfriend, starting off with Sunday night at the cinema.. Met up at Cineworld in West India Quay to see "The Orphanage", with Guillermo Del Toro as the Executive Producer. Its based in Spain, all Spanish actors, so the movie comes with English subtitles. Del Toro also directed the movie "Pan's Labyrinth" and "The Devil's Backbone". The Orphanage was creepy at parts, I jumped at a few bits, but thought it'd be scarier. Ollie didn't want to see it 'cos he freaks out at scary movies, but he wanted to bring me 'cos I couldnt wait to see it, and I was moving home soon :) Sweet..

We had some lovely Indian food after that in Westferry, and then travelled back. I loved freaking him out! :D

As you all know, I went exploring London on Monday, and then Ol cooked us dinner that night. We both like pasta and chicken, so he made a yummy dinner for us :)

On Tuesday, I was to meet my friend Angie from St. Pancras station, 'cos she was just back from Ireland, but when I heard she'd landed there while I was waiting for the DLR, I just gave her easy instructions to follow to make her way home. I wouldnt make it to her for another hour at least. So instead of meeting her, I'd gone to my beauticans. My skin was very irritated for a week, and it was really bothering me. Feels a lot better now since, really needed that. Supposed to cut down on chocolate and drink tons of water, both of which I've done well with since Tuesday. Very proud :) .. So, I made dinner for Ol that night, first time in months to be honest. My cooking skills have gone a bit rusty, but Ol is a good teacher. He said he loved it, so I'm happy :D

On Wednesday night, we went to The O2 Dome in North Greenwich to see "Drillbit Taylor", very funny I have to say. Heard some bad reviews about it. Owen Wilson could have been a bit funnier, but the young lads were great in it.

Had a lovely Starbucks Hot Chocolate as well, while he had his Hot Milk with Caramel..

Thursday was our last night together on a date, and the title of my blog.. We went to the theatre to see "Avenue Q"... We met up at Leicester Square, where we first got some food at a noodle bar.. He'd ordered a Lemon Chicken and Rice, while I got my fave Sweet & Sour Chicken and Noodles. He hated his, tasted like Washing Up Liquid! Giggle. Poor guy, I shared mine, but he only ate some..
Then, with half an hour to the show, we went looking for an ATM! :) Found one..
The show was brilliant, they're puppets, but with a lot of naughtiness ;) Oh, the puppets did it for me.. Ol just wasnt turned on tho... Giggle ;) :P

I couldnt help it, but I was a bit emotional last night over moving home. I couldnt hide what I felt. If this is how hard it's going to be for the next few years, of course its going to feel this way. But, he tried to calm me down, make me see that if it makes me happy, I've got to do it. It still hurts though, he has a piece of my heart...
(Yeah, throw up time!) :)

Now, I just ate his garlic bread while he's at work, and gonna take a lovely shower. Ollie, Good Luck on travelling to Contae Corcaigh this weekend x

Gonna cheer myself up with a lovely Wagamama's Chicken Katsu Curry in Angel tonight, see my friend Thomas from Ireland on Saturday (hopefully), and get ready for my move home on Sunday... I cant wait to see Shane and all my friends and family again. Enough of my boring-ing-nes-nesssssss :D Hugs x

Tuesday, 1 April 2008

Wandering around London

So, I got to see a little more of London yesterday.

It's so good to know the tubes (Underground) now, cos you know your starting point then. If you're interested in saving money while you're in London, its worth picking up an Oyster Card. You can get these at any tube station, or pick them up online. All you do is top up your card at any station and you can use these cards on any tubes or buses in London. Your bus fare goes from £2 to 90p, and tube prices fall as well. Also, if you've used it for the day, it'll stop charging at around £6, so its very handy for travellers. And you get to keep it and use it next time your over! :)

Started off on a walk from the boyfriend's place to Canning Town, and got the tube there to Holborn.
Had a walk down to Covent Garden and up Neal Street, cos I had to pick up my lovely MAC foundation and concealer, love that stuff.
On Neal Street you can also find photos of Banksy's work, which are already ready to be hung on your wall. A guy there sells them everyday outside, Small £20, Medium £30 & Large £40. Banksy doesnt sell them himself, unfortunately. If you havent heard of him, Banksy is a well-known pseudo-anonymous English graffiti artist. Here's some images of his work..

After looking at the photos for 10 minutes or so, I had to pull myself away and wander down southwards towards Lyceum to the Waterloo bridge, and walked beside the river eastwards to the Shakespeares Globe theatre, where I went on a 40 minute tour of the Globe itself. Learnt a lot about the history of the theatre, and they have a great museum there as well, where you find out about the plays they had there, the costumes and materials they used, the way they used the stage to show a Heaven, an Earth, and a Hell. Also, the music they used at the time, and the way they must have built the Globe at that time.

Afterwards, had a lovely ice cream cone from Mr. Whippy, yayyyysssss! Walked then eastward again towards London Bridge station. Theres a lot of great shops and resturants under some of these bridges I never knew about, and a lot of Starbucks Coffee shops everywhere :) I <3 Starbucks Hot Chocolate! Gorgeous!!! :)

So, it was a great day. Will do more again soon. Maybe today, havent decided what to see yet. Spending the few nights with the boyfriend until he has to go home on Friday, its nice :)